Services offered at Nature Resort in Bermudian Landing


Local traditional Belizean meals can be prepared for our quests. Examples of meals include:

Include a fruit (banana, pineapple, watermelon, etc.), orange juice, percolated coffee, egg, (a meat or something to go along with the egg – e.g., beans, cheese, ham, bacon, etc.), a four (journey cake, tortilla, fry jack, local bread, etc.) local jams to go along with the flour.

$8.00 per person

Include rice or potato, beans (red, black, split), meat (e.g., fish, chicken, beef, etc.), plantain and a salad, a drink, a dessert

$12.00 per person


International Airport to Nature Resort

1 to 3 persons one way                                   $60.00

4 to 5 persons one way                                   $75.00


Nature Resort to Belize City

1 to 3 persons                                                  $60.00

4 to 5 persons                                                  $75.00


For information on transfers to other destinations within Belize or for groups larger than 5 persons please contact our office.

Free WiFI and Laundry Services also available.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars and do not include taxes.